Cost per Click email Traffic

Email marketing has become quite popular with the different sites that use it to get email traffic at their site. In cost per click email marketing, the advertisers opt for the CPC module for payment. As per this, the advertiser signs a contract with the online media company under which he pays for a fixed number of email impressions. So when he gets traffic through the email then he considers every click to determine the cost of the email marketing campaigns. For instance, if an advertiser has a contract for paying 10 $ for every 1000 email sent to the target consumers and only 30 of them are diverted to the advertisers site through the email then the click through rate is 3% and the cost per click would actually be about 0.33 $ only. If the advertiser gets a better click through rate then the cost per click would go down further

So if you want to reduce the cost of your cost per click email traffic then you should try to buy email traffic through the companies that deal in it. They would help you to get a list of optedin emails which would enable you to reach out to people who are likely to visit your site. This would get you better cost per click email traffic.