Bulk CPC email Traffic

Opting for bulk CPC email traffic packages is very convenient as it can help your website to get the right package and that too at affordable price. Send bulking emails to the target consumers can take up a lot of time so you can opt for bulk email sending software that can send the mail to everyone in a very short time. You can choose to get it through an online media company that deals with bulk email sending and can send your bulk mail through a bullet proof server. You can opt for the bulk CPC email traffic where you have agreement to pay a fixed amount to send a set amount of emails to the target consumers. Here the advertiser calculates the cost of the email on the basis of the click through rates. For instance, if he pays 10 $ for every 1000 impression and gets 40 clicks then the click through rate is 4% and the cost per click is 0.25$. So if you are able to get a good click through rate then the cost per click is lower. You can buy email traffic and send the bulk email to them which help you enjoy a good click through rate.