CPC email marketing

CPC used in CPC email marketing is the abbreviation for Cost per Click and the term is commonly use in relation to internet marketing. This term is used when an advertiser chooses impression based contract and it is cost that incurs for every click. In contract based marketing, the advertiser needs to pay certain amount of money for fixed number of impression. For instance, the price for 1000 impressions is 10$. So if the CPC email marketing has been sent to 100 people and only 20 people clicked at the link in the email then the click through rate is 2% and cost is 0.50$ per click for the advertiser. So in the CPC email marketing, the payment is based on impressions and not on clicks.

If you are using email marketing for promoting your brand then it is best to choose target email marketing where the email is sent to target consumers. This helps you to get a higher click through rate which would mean that the cost per click would be low. So if you need to use CPC email marketing in your campaign then you can contact a company that can help you buy email traffic and would help you to make your marketing campaign more effective.